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Unny Invisible Double Eyelid Tape Seamless Natural Lace Invisible Makeup UNNY隐形自然双眼皮贴


Simulation lace double eyelid sticker

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

style: one-sided

Color: Skin Tone

Size: L M S

S: Short and narrow type - 100 stickers Size: 16X2MM Suitable for eye shape: suitable for people with irregular double eyelids or double eyelids with lower eye heads or lower eye tails, adjust it

The double eyelid sticker is not easy to peel off, it is integrated with the eye shadow, and it fits naturally

M: long and narrow 90 stickers Size: 24×2.5MM Suitable for eye type: suitable for small double eyelid, widened double eyelid or single eyelid sticker Korean style small inner double

L: Length and width type - 90 stickers Size: 28×3MM Suitable for eye shape: suitable for small double eyelid, inner double eyelid, single eyelid or thicker eyelid stickers for a larger double eyelid effect