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Girlcult Dreamland Series High Shine Chameleon Mirror Lip Glaze 构奇幻镜系列镜面唇釉3.5g


Creation Inspiration:
The highs and lows of emotions climb up the face and leave a color, making you sunny from the inside out.
Accept the true self, happy, sad, painful, sour, all are you.

Why You Need It?
1 The first chameleon ingredient is added to the lip gloss to give your lips a unique and fantastic experience.
2 Water-light mirror effect, when in contact with the outside world, only oil will be left, but the color will not shift, and the oil will automatically polymerize to form a secondary film to achieve a long-lasting color-locking effect.
3 Exclusive former system, nourishes lips for a long time. When the color changes, it forms a film. When your lips are first applied, the color is relatively light. When the color is completely stable, it means that the film has been formed.

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