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Biohyalux QUADHA Aurora Even Skin Lightening Essence 华熙生物夸迪极光次抛

A new generation of skin lightening essence activated by the active substance of the skin itself. With the
5D 2% hyaluronic acid technology, five forms of HA molecules accurately targets different layers of the skin, providing instant and intense hydrating effects, Significantly inhibited melanin production, Promote the catabolism of melanin. Reduction of skin velowness. Increase in skin lightening.

Size: 45ml (30 x1.5 ml individually packed ampoule)


. Instant deep pore hydration
Repair yellowness and darkness of the skin
Promote the catabolism of melanin
·Accelerate the metabolism, peel off the epidermis
. Recover the aurora of the skin
For best results, pair with QuadHA 5D HA Moisturizing Spray