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Biohyalux Ha Barrier Conditioning Serum 华熙生物润百颜屏障调理次抛原液 1.5ml*5


BIOHYALUX Single Use Skin Barrier Conditioning 2% Hyaluronic Acid Stoste for Sensitive Skin

Provide multi-dimensional care from deep within the sensitive skin

93% Refine reddish and uncomfortable skin

100% Enhance the tolerance of the skin

100% Improve the overall condition of the skin

Various kinds of problems may occur on sensitive skin: dryness, itching, as well as tense, reddish, susceptible and vulnerable skin.


We put forward “4 layers of skin barrier theory” innovatively:

  1. Conduction barrier: CB2-Skin stops the “tense pattern” of the skin.
  2. Protective barrier: Ectoin&centella and Micro HATM& miniHA enhance the resistance of the skin.
  3. Corneum barrier: macromolecule HA, etc., help repair corneum and condition the skin.
  4. Microbial barrier: lactobacillus extractive maintains the balance of microbial community on the surface of your skin.


Wise hyaluronic acid protects your deep skin and will make your skin strong again after 28 days.

Macromolecule repair your outer skin:

  • Hyacross cuts off environmental pollution.
  • Macromolecule HA reduces water loss.
  • Acetylated HA provides double moisture.


Micromolecule reaches the bottom of the sensitive skin:

  • miniHA cares for vulnerable skin.
  • Micro HATM relieves the discomfort of the skin.


CB2-Skin stops the “tense pattern” within your conduction barrier to please and enhance the resistance of the skin.


Results of the experiment show that:

  • CB2-Skn11 helps relieve the discomfort of your skin.
  • CB2-Skn12 increases the level of endorphin.


Ectoin protects Langerhans cells for a strong protective barrier against outer interruption; Centella improves the resistance of muscle base and soothes it; 3 kinds of ceramides repair the corneum barrier to strengthen your skin; lactobacillus extractive maintains the balance of microbial community on the surface of your skin to form a protective layer.


Single-use fresh stoste reassures you:

  • F.S was manufactured at the high-level clean factory and was filled instantly at high temperatures. ISO quality management system certification.
  • Free from preservatives. Highly active and fresh ingredients are ensured.
  • Free from ethanol. Sensitive skin is relieved to use.