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Girlcult Dreamland Series Chameleon Glitter Eyeliner & Eyeshadow Pen 构奇幻芯系列眼线胶笔 0.09g


Creation Inspiration:
The highs and lows of emotions climb up the face and leave a color, making you sunny from the inside out.
Accept the true self, happy, sad, painful, sour, all are you.

Why You Need It?
The first chameleon ingredient is added to the glitter eyeliner to give your eyes a unique experience.
The diameter of the refill is 2mm, and the outline is slender and smooth, allowing you to keep drawing without breaking the ink.
Cream texture, with a fine tip, easier to control than powder eye shadow, making your eye makeup more amazing.
30S film formation, long-lasting color-locking and slow-release film formation technology, segmental volatilization, and at the same time allow you to modify the time, after the makeup is set, it can last for a whole day.
Waterproof and sweatproof, avoid the embarrassment of taking off makeup.

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