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Girlcult Love Talk Series Shimmer Matte Velvet Lip Gloss 构奇情话系列唇霜 3.5g


Creation Inspiration:
The rouge buckle is a box used by ancient Chinese beauties to hold blush.
Exquisite and compact, full of classic art.
Represents delicacy, elegance, and beauties' desire to please themselves,
Girlcult rouge buckle series lip glaze, tribute to Rouge Button,
Encourage women, please yourself, break out of the cocoon and reborn.

Why You Need It?
Hi, spring is here,
With the spring breeze blowing,
Girlcult launches new spring product
- Rouge Buckle Series Lip Cream.
Three major selling points:
1 Creating the first of the matte shimmer lip cream, gently pouting, you can get the shining lip makeup effect.
2 Soft cream texture, which carries color inspiration, fantastic and pretty lips, it is better to please yourself.
3 Girlcult professional makeup color scheme engineer, carefully prepared wonderful and fashional color matching, non-stick cup film forming technology, give your lip makeup a stunning and unique charm.

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