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Kefumei Small Blue Cup Mask Smear 可复美小蓝杯面膜涂抹式胶原蛋白舒缓修护敏感肌补水保湿 1g*7


Remove Yellow And Brighten The Tip Raw! Dull Face Yellow To Hold And Pinch!No Longer Afraid Of Staying Up Late

 Must-Have For Staying Up Late To Yellow And Brighten The First Aid Mask!Kefumei Small Blue Cup👍🏻


After Picking It Up, You Will Know Why It Is So Easy To Use. Welcome

🔵Tranexamic Acid+Vitamin E

Improve Dullness, Brighten Skin Tone, Adjust Uneven Skin Tone, We Mean It's Hard To Turn Yellow~

🔵Human-like Reorganize Collagen

It Can Well Repair The Fragile Skin Barrier, Stabilize The Skin State, And Really Achieve Repair➕Brighten Your Hands👍🏻

🔵Avocado Tree Fruit Butter+Olive Fruit Oil+Curly Cypress Extract

Can Deeply Hydrate The Skin💦, While Moisturizing The Skin

🔵Six Plant Extracts Can Help To Soothe Quickly, And Sisters With Sensitive Skin Or Thin Skin Can Also Flush With Confidence

 Free global shipping available 全球满额包邮

The Texture Is Like Yogurt, Silky Smooth And Melts In One Touch

The Skin Feels Very Comfortable On The Face, Not Sticky And Heavy At All

One Can Be Applied To The Whole Face, And It Is Convenient To Knock With Its Own Scoop~

About 20 Minutes Per Application👏🏻

After Applying The Face, The Whole Translucent And Moisturizing Action

It Is The Kind Of Translucent Water Light From The Inside Out!😆