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Biohyalux Ha Barrier Conditioning Mask 5pcs x 1box 华熙生物润百颜屏障调理面膜


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When there is heat flush or inflammation on the skin, the mask with the ingredients of B5 panthenol and ceramide must be the first choice, which just account for a small fraction of the ingredients contained in Biohyalux HA Barrier Conditioning Mask. First of all, the mask is made of gauze instead of traditional non-woven fabric, which significantly mitigates the irritation and discomfort of the sensitive skin.

Ingredients: CB2-Skin can alleviate skin discomfort, with ectoin, centella asiatica and micro HA for anti-inflammation and repairing skin redness, and lactobacillus extract regulating skin microenvironment. It can be said that this mask is designed for skin barrier problems.

It contains ceramide, squalane, centella asiatica, ectoin and patchouli leaf extract, of which the patented patchouli leaf extract can fundamentally solve the skin dryness and itching, and ceramide is the featured patented ingredient of its medical beauty product. With unique formula, it's specific to repair the skin. It has a faint flavor of herbal medicine, and can repair, soothe and regenerate the skin. No matter how sensitive your skin is, it can make your skin regenerate!

Mask fabric: It is made of gauze better in texture feature, with more than one layer, thus the essence may not be quickly dried. It is also soft to touch, without the harsh feeling of gauze.

Biohyalux HA Barrier Conditioning Mask, the beloved "white gauze mask" for sensitive skin, has the innovative quadruple barrier theory pioneered by Biohyalux which is also the pathfinder of the sensitive skin repair. Quadruple barrier, quadruple care, high-tech ingredients explore the unknown realm of sensitive skin. The sensitive skin gets repaired internally and externally. The special centella asiatica three-layer gauze is made of the unique three-layer composite technology with the integration of centella asiatica fiber cloth and cotton gauze, which is skin-friendly and can effectively relieve skin discomfort when nourishing it.