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Amortals Disposable Towel Face Cleaning Makeup Remover Towel Cotton 尔木萄卷筒撕拉式洗脸巾 70pcs


Efficacy: wash face, remove makeup Made of 100% cotton, skin-friendly, breathable, highly absorbent, wet and dry Selected high-quality cotton, no fluorescent agent added

Unbleached soft cotton Natural cotton + high-tech textile technology, multi-functional cleaning, makeup remover, remove dirt, oil, and residual cosmetics from the skin surface

*No fluorescent agent, no alcohol

Amortals Disposable Face Towel / 70 pcs per roll 1)

Authentic and premium quality

2) 100% non-woven fabrics

3) Disposable type (one-time use), more clean and hygienic.

4) Soft and absorbent.

Free global shipping available 全球满额包邮