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Holdlive Cherry Blossoms 9 Colours Makeup Eyeshadow Palette落舞樱花眼影奶茶珠光九色眼影盘

  • Free global shipping available 全球满额包邮 
  • Inpired by Japan Cherry Blossoms Holdlive Cherry Blossoms Eyeshadow design with Cherry Blossoms give you a sweet delicate colours on your eyes.
  • - Comes with 4 variation more on orange browish colour tone and pink browish colour tone to give you a natural brigther and bigger eyes.
  • - Each palette comes with 9 matte and glitter colour to match your makeup look!
  • - Fine Powder easy to blend.
  • - Weight : 11.7g
  • - 100- Authentic and ready stock Malaysia.