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Colorkey X Hello Kitty X Cinnamoroll limited air lip lacquer珂拉琪 X Hello Kitty X 玉桂狗联名空气唇釉 1.7g


The Colorkey Limited Airy Lip Lacquer series is here to take your lipstick game to the next level.

Featuring collaborations with Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll, this lipstick revolutionizes what you thought you knew about red lipstick. Long-lasting, faint yet colourful and filled with lustre, this range of red lipstick is anything but traditional.

All shades are crafted with a unique rhombic element, allowing for every lipstick colour to make a statement. These lipsticks are sure to light up any personality.

Free global shipping available 全球满额包邮

Purpose: Lip Makeup; 
*Options: 9;
*Net Content: 1.7g;
*Origin: Made in China;
*Shelf Life: 3 Years