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Biohyalux Nourishing Milk Facial Mask 5pcs 华熙生物润百颜润养奶皮面膜


BIOHYALUX Nourishing Milk Facial Mask masks for your [milky skin].

Nourishing your skin to restore the smooth and radiant skin condition.

2% Hyaluronic Acid + Double Milk Essence + 377

  • Smooth and elastic
  • Radiant and clear
  • Soft and moisturized


BIOHYALUX Nourishing Milk Facial Mask: NET.28g*5 pieces/ box


It only takes one [Nourishing Milk Facial Mask]*

To restore your milk-like, soft and tender skin texture  

  • Soft and comfortable: Soft like the skin on boiled milk
  • Fit and not easy to deform: Fit your facial curves to apply moisturizing power
  • High adsorptive capacity: Absorb more essence


Excellent penetration: High-energy penetration between skin and mask promotes nutrition uptake

Micro-fiber mask: 4μm* fine fiber, dense structure, soft and skin-friendly like milk


[Nourishing Milk Facial Mask] provides skin with [milk power], double milk essence rich in nourishing ingredients moisturizes skin and improves skin tightness, restoring your smooth, tender and clear skin condition


Active whey protein

  • Valuable protein extracted from cow milk
  • Multiple bioactive peptides to improve smoothness and nourish the skin


Milk protein gives you light and bright natural radiance.

  • Rich in protein rejuvenating components, purify skin
  • Maintain the moisture balance of the skin, nourish skin and restore bright and clear skin

377 liposomal essence is called “Hermes in skin brightening”.377 wrapped in the skin-friendly lecithin, acting mildly on the skin to improve skin dullness.


Effect of 377 liposomal essence:

Particle penetration: More permeable, act with other ingredients in an all-round manner

Stable activity: Higher activity, applicable in daytime

Mild and skin-friendly: Help active ingredients to stay and act directly on fixed points through the skin  


BIOHYALUX innovative moisturizing technology [miniHA*]. The mask is extra rich in miniHA, moisturizing your skin down to the dermis, transdermal absorption up to 69.5%*


How to Use:

Step 1

Open the mask pack

Take out the mask

Apply extra essence in the pack onto your face


Step 2

Unfold the mask

Apply the mask to your face

Adjust it to the appropriate position and remove the white lining


Step 3

Don’t forget to cover your chin up with the side wings to tighten your jawline


Step 4

Make a final adjustment to the mask

According to your facial outline and make sure you’re comfortable with it


Steps for Facial Skincare 

Cleanser→ mask→ toner→ single-use stoste→ eye cream→ facial cream→ primer