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AMORTALS Beauty Egg Space Capsule Foundation Brush Powder Puff Gourd Gift Set 尔木萄星球美妆蛋套盒 1 box


The giant and cute planet beauty egg gift box is here~~~

This color scheme is so cute, this color scheme is so cute, three beautiful eggs of different shapes are too cute

The details are well done!!!👍🏻

No matter the face on the lower corners of the nose, eyes, and corners of the eyes, you can take care of it.

When applying makeup usually, when applying makeup, first use a foundation brush on your face and brush with liquid foundation

Use the beauty egg again and then use the beauty egg to remember to soak in water and wring it out and pat it gently so that the makeup will be more compliant

Get up! Cream muscles

The key point is that there are super cute storage boxes and storage racks.

It's too healing and cute to put the beauty egg on. You can put the beauty egg on it. It's too healing and cute.🤣

Specifications of products: 3 beauty eggs of different shapes: 3 beauty eggs of different shapes➕A beauty egg space capsule storage➕A beauty egg storage rack➕A foundation brush

Free global shipping available 全球满额包邮